A simple solution for greener heating

For over 50 years heating oil has been a popular choice for homes off the gas grid.

To tackle climate change and achieve the UK’s net zero target, we need to switch from fossil fuels to renewable heating.

The good news is you don’t need to buy an expensive new heating system to do that – dramatic reductions in your household emissions can be achieved simply by changing the type of fuel you use.

The liquid fuel heating industry is currently trialling a new fossil free alternative to heating oil called Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) that cuts emissions by 88%.

The renewable liquid fuel works well in all existing oil heating systems following a simple, cost-effective conversion process.

What the government is planning and what we are doing to help

In June 2019, as part of its work to tackle climate change, the UK government made achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 a legally binding target. The Republic of Ireland has a similar target, and many other countries are now actively following a similar path.

See HVO in action...

Achieving this goal is vital if we are to prevent irreversible damage to our planet. Until now, progress has been made mainly through big projects like wind turbines, which don’t impact directly on our daily lives.

That’s about to change and we can expect many aspects of how we live will be affected, including how we heat our homes which accounts for about 14% of the UK’s carbon emissions.

The Government has pledged to make off-gas grid homes a priority for conversion to low carbon heating during the 2020s, which includes 1.5m oil heated homes in the UK, and 686,000 in the Republic of Ireland. We want to support this aim and that is why we have set up a trial of an exciting new renewable liquid fuel called HVO.

About our work

For over ten years the liquid fuel heating industry has been working on a low carbon alternative to heating oil.

In HVO, which stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, we have found the perfect replacement.

So what makes HVO so special? It works just like heating oil but is much better for the environment:

Trialing of the new fuel is already at an advanced stage and we intend to introduce the new fuel as early as 2022. Check the news section of this site to find out the latest situation.

How you can help us

Our industry is committed to providing off-gas grid households with more cost-effective choices for how they heat their home in the future. Our work is going well and we think renewable liquid fuels such as HVO should be one of the options available, but this needs to be supported by government.

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      Future Ready Fuel is led by two trade associations, OFTEC and UKIFDA that, collectively, represent all the key organisations involved in the liquid fuel heating industry in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

      About OFTEC

      Established in 1991, OFTEC is a ‘not for profit’ trade organisation representing manufacturers of liquid fuel heating and cooking equipment and training providers in the UK and Republic of Ireland. As part of our commitment to ensuring high standards, we run a competent person registration scheme for heating technicians working in off-gas grid heating, including liquid fuels, biomass, heat pumps and solar thermal technologies.

      About UKIFDA

      We represent the people that deliver fuel directly to over 1.5m homes and 250,000 businesses in the UK, many family businesses that have passed their ownership down through generations and live within the communities they serve.

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